kaya coleman

As a little girl, I liked to create homework for myself.


My love for learning and problem solving, paired with my eagerness to exceed expectations, allowed me to succeed in academia.


I am a proud recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award (2016), Rutherford Scholarship (2016), UBC Major Entrance Scholarship (2016) and Deputy Vice Chancellor Scholarship (2017 & 2019). 


I often dreamed of playing the characters from my favorite books, but was also interested in pursuing a career in medicine.


So, after I graduated university with a BSc, I enrolled in the Rogues West Ensemble acting program and completed it April 2021.  


My mom is my hero.


She taught me to love, to heal, to grow and to work hard for the life I want.


She liked to quote Gord Downie,


"Be happy, it's all you leave." 

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